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Daring poker player takes tournament winnings and bets them on one roulette spin

Wikimedia When the Lords drew a line in the sand in 1967 by banning zeros in roulette, gaming bodies went into overdrive. One proposal designed to save the zero was to offer odds of 36/1 on individual numbers, and instead levy a playing charge on the players. The government was soon persuaded it needed to legislate again. In 1968 a new Gaming Act introduced a Gaming Board and strict measures to regulate and police gaming in Great Britain. New licensing rules, including a “fit and proper persons” test, pushed out the shady operators. The one concession to the industry was that gaming clubs and casinos would be permitted to play roulette with a zero. Other games with a house edge, such as baccarat, blackjack and craps were also explicitly permitted. In an environment of regulated, licensed gaming establishments, the government was saying, a small edge was acceptable as a way of paying for costs and turning a profit. This came on the back of another reform that was vital for developing the industry that we see today. Following the legalisation of betting shops in 1960, the government began taxing their turnover in 1966 . It was the first tax on betting since the one introduced in 1926 by then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Winston Churchill, in the days before cash bookmaking was legal and above board.

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